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SmartRider is the contactless electronic ticketing system of the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia. The system uses RFID smartcard technology to process public transport fares across the public bus, train, and ferry services. The system is used widely across the Transperth public transport network in metropolitan Perth, as well as the regional town bus services of TransAlbany, TransBunbury, TransBusselton, TransEsperance, TransGeraldton, TransHedland, TransGoldfields, TransKarratha and TransCarnarvon in Western Australian regional centers. SmartRider is not used for ticketing on Transwa train and coach services but can be recognized as proof of entitlement to concession fares, including for coach travel on South West Coach Lines.

SmartRider is not smart at all, transferring funds on-line can be an impossibility, Lotus_101 shared a review on

"The Smartrider system is NOT smart at all. 1. I’ve to autoload set up, the system needs you to activate i.e physically go to the train station and swipe. Not good for someone who doesn’t always use public transport! 2. Now my card has run into negative. I physically transfer funds via Bpay. The stupid system refuses to take it because it is a negative balance. 4. It also refuses to autoload because it’s negative. I’ve been asked to physically go to the Transperth office and pay cash!"


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Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at SmartRide full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor management and poor disciplinary action. I had my direct manager text me late at night, probably drunk, saying that I looked like a fun time and told me I should come over to his place. After telling him no, he didn't show up to the office for the next two weeks, causing me to not make any commission at all. Finally, with reassurance from others, I went to the owner of the company and showed him the messages where he decided the best move to make was to just sweep it under the rug and move him to a different city and be in charge of another location. Pathetic."

Former Employee - Manager Trainee says

"I worked at SmartRide full-time for less than a year Cons: Working in unknown conditions, outside. Completely unprofessional management, he let go by texting me. The $400.00 a week salary is for the first two weeks. I have worked in landscaping under the hot summer sun and it was more enjoyable than working for these people. Do yourself a favor and don't apply."

Former Employee - Marketing/Promotions says

"I worked at SmartRide full-time for less than a year Cons: You have to drive to all the events. Dont even get paid to travel not even gas. I personally ended up driving an hour to an event that was cancelled and the managers never told me but swear they tried to call me but i dont have any missed calls. They tell you its 400 a week min. Thats a lit its 400 only the first two weeks and you have to work 5 days to be a week. Im not sure why they call it a marketing position because its not even marketing your just standing at gas stations in the hot bothering people about their windshields."

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